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Online Counseling Services

Teen Therapy
Adult Therapy
Couples Therapy

Transformation Online Counseling Services

The vision of TheTransformation Specialists is to offer online counseling that promotes transformation on such a deep level that lives will be impacted individually, generationally, and globally. 

Our mission is to offer affordable, personal, flexible, and effective online counseling that is free from bias and prejudice, where clients can feel free to share, explore, grow and heal.  We will support the client’s transformation journey by offering a person-centered collaborative approach. We aim to inspire clients to dream again and to reach their God-given potential using imagery and strength-based techniques.

We will facilitate deeper levels of healing in mind, body, and spirit as we cover our clients in prayer. 

Teen Therapy

As Transformation Specialists we help teens…

  • Find their worth and explore their potential
  • Learn to assert themselves and self-advocate
  • Build stronger connections with parents

We help your teen by meeting them where they are and allowing them to use their favorite form of expression. We challenge your teen to use their words/voice, and to express thoughts and feelings in a respectful way. All through online counseling!

Adult Therapy

As Transformation Specialists, we help adults…

  • Cope more effectively with difficult emotions
  • Learn effective ways to hold on to joy and release sadness
  • Find quick effective ways to reduce anxiety
  • Unpack and process unresolved trauma and grief in a healthy way

We help by collaborating with you to discover what you want “more” of in your life. We use cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness, guided imagery, and hypnosis to help. All through online counseling!

Couples Therapy

As Transformation Specialists, we help couples…

  • Rediscover love and togetherness
  • Tear down walls and build communication
  • Heal from hurt and betrayal

We help couples by assessing unmet needs, exploring ways to communicate in each other’s love language, facilitate forgiveness, and much more. All through online counseling!

Self-care Investment

  • Initial assessment (60 minutes) $200

  • Individual session (60 minutes) $150

  • Relationship and Family session (60 minutes) $200

Insurance accepted: BCBS PPO, Cigna PPO, Aetna PPO, Uniter Health PPO
EAP: Aetna, Optum, Magellan, New Directions, AllOne Health, Beacon Health Options
Superbills provided for out-of-network reimbursement