Meet The Transformers

Beryl J. Armstrong, MS, NCC, LCPC, BC-TMH, ACS

Co-Founder, President-CEO

Fun facts about BerylBeryl means precious stone.  Beryl is mentioned in the Bible 8 times in the King James Bible.

What I love: God and My family

What I do for fun: spending time with family and traveling

My favorite colors: blue, purple, and red

My favorite self-care practices: curling up to read a good book or article, massages, and boxing

My most inviting phrase/question: How can I help?  Please tell me what that looks like to you.

Years in practice: Over 10

My specialization: couples, grief,  mood disorders, esteem challenges, and trauma.

How I help clients transform: I engage clients in their transformation process by being fully present and working collaboratively. I desire every client to feel a bit more encouraged and empowered after every session. My goal is for the client to think differently, feel differently, and live differently-TRANSFORMED. I integrate cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectal behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, hypnotherapy, and Christianity in my approach to counseling.

What is unique about my approach: I endeavor to see what is not being seen, hear what is not being said, and purposing in my heart to effect change in my clients and myself.

What states can I see clients: IL, IN, KY, FL, and GA

Charmain D. Gibson, MS, LPC


Some fun facts about my first name: Charmain is derived from the Greek “Kharma” and means joy and delight, free man, and charm.

What I love: God, music, reading, and spending time with loved ones.

What I do for fun: Dancing and going to concerts, museums, and art galleries.

My favorite colors: Black, blue, and purple

My favorite self-care practices: Going to spas, going to the beaches sitting in the sunlight, eating healthy, and reading poetry.

My most inviting phrase Be good to you, and a question I often ask is How is that working for you? 

Years in practice: over 10 years

My specializations: Grief counseling, couples counseling, and mood disorders.

How I help clients transform: Transformation begins with assisting clients in realizing their thoughts’ power and impact. I assist clients by redirecting negative thoughts and using an approach where the client can stay true to themselves by staying in tune with their emotions and feeling accepted. I use an integrative approach, including mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and reality therapy.

What is unique about my approach: I prayerfully meet clients where they are. I bring energy and charisma to every session.

I can see clients in IL, IN, KY, FL, and GA


Donna M. Lomax MS, CADC, QMHP, QIDP

A couple of fun facts about my name. Donna is an Italian name that means lady. It was in the top 100 in 1926 and the top 20 in the 1940s. Donna was the 5th most popular name in the U.S. in 1960.

What I love: God and family

What I do for fun: Explore various forms of entertainment and watch interesting stories

My favorite color. I do not have a favorite color; however, the colors orange and pink complement her complexion.

What I do for self-care: I believe self-care is essential to one being. Some of my self-care consists of pedicures, long hot showers, visiting with family and friends, and guided meditation.

Years in practice: over 10 years

My specialization: Adolescents, LGBTQ+,  change of life adjustments, substance abuse, and mood disorders.

How I help clients transform: I assist adults and teens who struggle with alcohol and substance abuse, as well as those who are working to become whole. I am trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, and solution-focused brief therapy. 

What is unique about my approach: I focus on an integrative approach where the client is the center of their treatment, empowerment, and transformation. 

The states where I can see clients are IL., IN., KY., FL., and GA.

Allaina Bradshaw - Marriage & Family Intern

Fun facts about Allaina: The name Allaina is a variant of the name Alaina, which is of Old German and Old French origin. It means “precious” or “awakening” and is a feminine form of Alain or Alan. The name is often associated with beauty and light.

What I love: I love music, plants, art, my family, and my community.

What I do for fun: Spending time with friends and family, dancing, and learning.

My favorite color: Purple

What I do for self-care: Journal, exercise, listen to music.

Years in the helping field: 1

Populations served: Individuals, couples, and the LGBTQ Community

How I help clients transform: I believe that true transformation begins with a deep understanding of each individual’s unique story and experiences. I provide a compassionate and non-judgmental space where clients feel safe to explore their emotions and challenges. Using a blend of evidence-based techniques and holistic approaches, I guide individuals on their journey toward healing and personal growth.

What is unique about my approach: My approach to therapy is rooted in a deep commitment to personalized care and integrative healing. My goal with each session is for the client to feel seen, heard, and encouraged. I believe in addressing the whole person, mind, body and spirit. I prioritize a collaborative relationship with my clients, fostering a partnership where your insights and experiences are valued just as much as my professional expertise. This empowers you to take an active role in your healing journey, ensuring that our work together is truly tailored to your individual needs and goals. I am committed to staying continually informed about the latest research in the field. My goal is not just to help you cope with immediate challenges but to facilitate profound, lasting transformation, equipping you with the skills and resilience to thrive long after our work together concludes.

What states I can see clients: IL, IN, KY, FL, GA

Dawanda Davis, MS, NCC, LCPC

Fun Fact about my First Name: 0.001% of the world’s population has my name. My name is rare, and I have yet to meet another Dawanda.

What I love: I love God, His character, His ways, and His Word. I love my family and friends.

What I do for fun: I enjoy reading, exercising, and the arts.

My favorite colors: Purple

My favorite self-care practice: Massages. Rest. Drinking Water & Exercise
My most inviting phrase/question: You are already who you were created to be.

Years in practice: 4 years

My specializations: Self-Esteem & Confidence; Healthy Boundaries

How I help clients transform: I assist in clients’ transformation by identifying unhealthy cognitive behavioral practices that prohibit growth toward becoming their best selves. I include positive psychology in cognitive behavioral therapy, Trauma work, and dialectal behavioral therapy to empower clients toward their desired transformation.

What is unique about my approach: I am a safe haven for the wounded. My gentle and open demeanor is soothing to the soul.

States where I can see clients: IN, IL, IN, KY, FL, and GA

Antoinette Gabriel

Associate Professional Counselor

Fun Fact about my First Name: My name means invaluable, so no matter how hard you try or how much you apply, my worth is far above rubies.

What I love: I absolutely love music! It is a universal language that brings us together and also helps us to express what we have difficulty saying.

What I do for fun: Enjoy live music, friends, and good food!

My favorite colors: Yellow

My favorite self-care practice: A nice soothing bath with bath salts and scented candles burning.

My most inviting phrase/question: Don’t let today’s troubles keep you from experiencing tomorrow’s joys.

Years in practice: 1

My specializations: Trauma, uncovering hidden strengths, and teens

How I help clients transform: I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) evidence-based principles and an integrative style of counseling that includes Gestalt therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help raise awareness and point the client toward freedom. Implementing these clinical approaches assist the client in understanding that if you change how you think, you can ultimately change your life and how you live.

What is unique about my approach: Creating an atmosphere where the client feels safe enough to become vulnerable so that true transformation can begin.

The states where Antoinette can see clients are IL., IN., KY., FL., and GA.

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