The Transformation Specialists

The Transformation Specialists is your online counseling resource committed to helping you find and embrace transformation by teaching you to: 

Think Different > Feel Different > Live Different 

Listen and learn how the Transformation Specialists can help you overcome challenges. Whether you are a teen, an adult, or a couple struggling with life issues, we can help.


Challenge: Do you ever feel as if you cannot turn your mind off ? Are your racing thoughts keeping you from sleeping at night? Do you find that you often think negatively, assume the worst, and think you cannot trust anyone?

Solution: The Transformation Specialists are licensed professionals with over 10 years of experience. We offer a caring and unique online counseling experience. We work to help you feel welcomed, heard, and safe. We use proven approaches to help you transform how you view yourself, others, and the world. Click “Start Today” to register for your first transformation session.


Challenge: Do you struggle with sadness, crying spells, loss of desire to do fun stuff, anxiety, irritability, and anger? Does your mood or attitude put a strain on your relationships? Is it difficult to handle strong unpleasant emotions?

Solution: The Transformation Specialists are here to help. Unpleasant feelings can make it difficult to function, have relationships, and even take care of simple day-to-day tasks. Thoughts that your past has hijacked your present can keep you from living a fulfilling life. We understand that our lives are shaped by immutable things such as our upbringing and trauma. However, we believe that our nature is mutable: it can be transformed. We know that we cannot change the past, but The Transformation Specialists can help transform how you feel today. Click “Start Here” to register for your first transformation session.


Challenge: Do you struggle with procrastination, esteem issues, and perfectionism? Do you find that you are very critical of yourself ? Do you avoid socializing because you are afraid of what others are thinking or might say about you? Do you avoid dealing with the pain of life by using drugs, alcohol, or other numbing means? 

Solution: The Transformation Specialists understand that every client is unique in their circumstances. We are trained and experienced to use scientifically-proven approaches to help transform your life. We use a holistic approach that addresses the spirit, soul, and body. You can be empowered to not only face life but live it more abundantly.  Click “Get Started Now” to register for your first transformation session.