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Online counseling has many similar benefits with in-office counseling. Studies have compared online counseling to in-office counseling and have found a variety of adavantages! However, there are some additional benefits to attending counseling online such as:

  • No travel time
  • Ease of intake paperwork can be completed quickly and conveniently electronically
  • Takes places in the comfort of your home or private area of your choosing within the state
  • Works well for busy lifestyles
  • Can access video counseling from any electronic device
  • Is a valuable option during this pandemic

Illinois Online Counseling

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Location is no longer a barrier to counseling if you live in Illinois. No matter if you live in the loop, North Side, East Side, West Side, South Side or in any of the neighboring suburbs, The Transformation Specialists are easily accessible to meet your counseling needs. CONNECTING is important. The goal for Illinois residents is to get you connected to the counselor that is right for you.

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Indiana Online Counseling

A perfect mix of city and country is what makes Indiana great. Just enough quite mixed with the right amount of sound. Weather changes frequently in Indiana and can cause shifts in mood. At The Transformation Specialists, we are equipped to help you navigate these changes through online counseling. SELF-DETERMINATION and VALUES are important to the residents of Indiana. Our online counseling helps to reinforce your values and support you in becoming your best YOU.

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Kentucky Online Counseling

Online counseling is great for stay-at-home moms, working adults, high school, and college students. From the rich farmlands, rolling hills, and flowing rivers in Kentucky, The Transformation Specialists are here to give you the help you need when you need it. We offer flexible schedules, even during evenings and weekends. Being FRIENDLY and WELCOMING are important to Kentuckians. Our goal is to make you feel welcomed right from the start and all the way through your transformation journey.

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Florida Online Counseling

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Florida is known to be a warm place of escape from the cold and harsh weather of the Northern States. Many find the sunshine and warm weather soothing for both body and soul. Despite the unpredictability of the weather, Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and robust industries.  At The Transformation Specialists we provide an online environment that is warm and inviting. IDENTITY AND ENGAGEMENT is important to Floridians. Our goal in Florida is to foster meaningful engagement so that you can identify your potential and support you through times of unpredictability—all through online counseling.

Online counseling in Florida:

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Georgia Online Counseling

Georgia is the gem of the south with wonderful culture, warm, friendly people and some of the finest restaurants in the country. Home to headquarters of great schools, corporate headquarters for NCR, Home Depot and other Fortune 5000 companies, Atlanta is an international metropolis that has shown steady growth since the they hosted the summer Olympics in 1996. 

Warm, inviting, and southern hospitality are words that best describe Georgia. From Stone Mountain to the peach farms and sweet tea in Georgia, The Transformation Specialists are here to give you the support you need. FAITH, FAMILY, and INFLUENCE are essential to Georgians. Our goal in Georgia is to strengthen individuals and families to harness their influence, all while encouraging growth in faith.

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