Welcome to

Online Counseling

by The Transformation Specialists

Welcome to

Online Counseling

by The Transformation Specialists

Online counseling is safe, effective, and private.

Welcome to the Transformation Specialists.  We’re glad you’re here.

We are a team of professional online counselors that provide private, secure, discrete counseling services to those in need in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida and Georgia.

We are committed to helping you find and embrace transformation by teaching you to Think Different > Feel Different > Live Different.

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Online Therapy Specilizations

As people, sometimes we have pain. That’s normal. That is a part of life. But sometimes, we need someone to help guide us through our pain to the other side.

Click the link below and see if you can relate to one of the stories. Maybe one of the stories is yours or maybe, in some way, you can identify with their pain. This could be the time to take the first step to transform your life.

How We Help

As trained professionals we work to meet you at your point of need. Whether you struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, or grief, The Transformation Specialists are here to help. 

We can help you put the past behind you, encourage you to live in the HERE and NOW, empower you to press beyond the heaviness of depression into joy, and guide you in working through anxiety to maintain inner peace and realize NEW BEGINNINGS as you heal from loss and trauma.

How Online Counseling Helps

Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida Online Counseling

We are here to help. We provide online counseling that is affordable, convenient, and effective. Right from the initial free telephone consultation, the process begins to match you to one of our highly-trained clinicians.

We are licensed to cross state lines to meet you right where you are through online counseling. Transformation is one CLICK away. Go ahead, click the button and see what we offer in your state.

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